Talent Acquisition – Associate Director Goa, India | Full-Time

This position oversees recruitment with the goal of bringing a consistent supply of talented candidates and ensures the recruitment process is smooth and efficient for all stakeholders. This person is expected to understand the company hiring needs, develop talent acquisition strategies, handle executive level sourcing, compensation negotiations, define position classifications, oversee recruitment staff, and define processes and best practices for the team. The ideal candidate should have prior experience in recruitment and staff supervision, with knowledge of hiring practices and regulations. This person is expected to perform their duties without supervision. This position reports to the HR Director.


  • Develop recruitment strategies to source candidates consistent with the position needs and the company’s objectives
  • Oversee position scheduling and assignments for staff to facilitate team collaboration, follow up on progress, and make changes as needed to meet the company’s goals
  • Understand position classifications and develop new ones based on the company’s guidelines
  • Develop job descriptions that are comprehensive and are consistent with the current guidelines
  • Set candidate profile guidelines /expectations for the open positions based on the understanding of the work performed and collaboration with internal teams and senior management
  • Liaise with placements agencies and negotiate terms to assist with recruitment needs
  • Coach staff on how to grow and foster relationships with qualified active and passive candidates
  • Advise and train hiring managers on interviewing techniques and facilitate decision making during the process
  • Ensure the process is efficient and tracking of a candidate’s status and records are up to date 
  • Develop sales strategies for recruitment highlighting the company's advantages and benefits
  • Collaborate with PR in developing messages and tactics that would be relevant to the candidates and provide training on how to utilize such for recruitment staff
  • Facilitate compensation discussions and negotiations for selected candidates
  • Stay current with professional publications and trends and keep management informed

The ideal candidate should have the following skills and experience:  


  • Experience supervising staff that source candidates for a diverse range of positions  
  • Experience with HR databases and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) 
  • Experience with different recruitment techniques and methodologies
  • Experience pre-screening candidates and conducting interviews of varying level of experience and qualifications, including executive level sourcing  
  • Experience with position classifications and compensation management
  • Knowledge of industry job boards and relevancy to positions  
  • Knowledge of laws, regulations, and best practices applicable to hiring and recruitment 

Personal Skills: 

  • Ability to recognize how an individual may fit within a team and organizational culture  
  • Ability to assess a person’s talents, relevant knowledge, skills, and what roles suit them the best 
  • Ability to communicate clearly and directly both verbally and in writing  
  • Ability to effectively negotiate to reach an agreement and deal with conflict productively
  • Ability to coach and mentor people and understand various personality types, ability to relate, encourage and motivate people 
  • Ability to work independently in a team-oriented, collaborative environment  
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities and competing deadlines without losing focus  
  • Be persistent and dedicated to the responsibilities given 
  • Ability to easily connect with various people and display a professional, positive, and approachable demeanor   

Education and Work Experience: 

This individual should have a degree in management, human resource development and over 12 years of work experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

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Talent Acquisition – Associate Director



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If that's not your area, check our other 7 Open Positions

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Talent Acquisition – Associate Director

Talent Acquisition – Associate Director

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