Our Approach

Creative Capsule’s focus is on building lasting customer relationships. We do not deliver one-off projects. Instead, we work to understand each client's unique business needs and culture, and then construct cohesive teams that empower our clients and strengthen their delivery capabilities. By nurturing technical capabilities that align with our clients' goals, we set ourselves apart from price-driven offshore providers.

Our Integrity

Whether it is clients or employees, we choose our engagements and commitments carefully and are fully committed to the ones we make. We have a culture of trust and transparency towards our clients as they look to us as a trusted partner to help solve their challenges. It is no surprise; most of our new client relationships start as referrals from existing clients.

Our Dedicated Team Model

Creative Capsule helps clients transform their software delivery capacity. For each client, we build a dedicated development group that works together with their organization, creating a seamless virtual team. We ensure a close fit with each client by selecting team members that have technical and personal attributes that resonate with the clients needs and culture. The customer has complete visibility into the name, details, and qualifications of every team member. Once a team is setup, they work together building expertise in that customer’s business operations and domain knowledge in that customer’s industry.

Our Approach

Hybrid Outsourced Development

We provide a blended team/pricing model of on-shore and off-shore resources. With our hybrid model, the ideation, brainstorming, requirements specification, and UX design takes place in the United States or Switzerland and the architecture design, execution, and QA takes place in India at cost-effective rates - you get the best of both worlds.

Leveraging Time Zones

Our teams and clients are spread over multiple time zones. Rather than take it as a challenge, we look at this as an opportunity. We leverage time zone separation to increase our productivity and deliver projects faster.