Career Paths

Creative Capsule gives seasoned developers the choice of multiple career paths that leverage their skills and match their ambitions. Our human resources department provides a structured career development program that provides clear career progression paths and helps groom team members to achieve their desired career goals. Each path has multiple levels to let you grow in the area of your expertise. Some of the career paths we offer are as follows:

  • Technical leadership – if a continuing career in technology is your long-term ambition, then you have the opportunity to continue developing and deepening your technical skills. If you love coding and want to stay hands-on, we have a career path that allows you to progress into a lead or principal developer. If your ambition and talent lies in designing and architecting we offer a path that allows you to become a system architect.
  • Management – if you have the drive and aptitude to lead and mentor team members to achieve goals, we offer the opportunity for you to become a supervisor, then a team leader, with further progression to a group manager.
  • Project management – if you want to take advantage of your organizational and planning skills, you can transition into the project management path, evolving into a project manager.
  • Business analysis – if you have a passion for solving business problems using technology and breaking ideas into specific requirements, then you can embark on a business analysis career, leading to a role of a business analyst.
  • Quality assurance – if you love to find issues and finding ways to break applications, you can become a quality assurance specialist, establishing a great career as a quality assurance specialist, or as a quality assurance engineer.

At Creative Capsule, we make it a priority to find the best role for each of our team members. We try to give every employee an opportunity to try different roles, so that they can find the career path that suits them best. We want you to invest in building a career with us, so that you thrive and become a key team member and a major contributor to our shared success.