Software Product Companies


Creative Capsule helps software product companies extend and enhance their delivery capabilities. Our clients value us for our technical breadth, structured processes, quality, innovation, and commitment to understanding their business objectives. We offer a full range of mobile and web application delivery capabilities – including system architecture, front-end and back-end development, and project management.


Creative Capsule has a selective approach to development partnerships, focusing on those where we add significant value. We work with each prospective client to explore how we can build a mutually beneficial relationship. We view each engagement as strategic, and look for partners who share that view. Because of this, our software product clients are predominantly midsized companies and startups – organizations that share both our scale and culture.


We work with our partners to create a single virtual team. We emphasize communication skills and promote team integration at all levels. We avoid taking a black-box approach, and instead focus on creating visibility, accountability and responsiveness through closely aligned teamwork. Our people are encouraged to build close relationships with their counterparts – including through client site visits – to gain a first-hand understanding of each partner’s business goals, organization and challenges.


We also supply comprehensive quality assurance and support services, including test case development and execution, test automation, regression testing, level-2 and level-3 support, and infrastructure support. We provide these as an integrated offering and also deliver targeted skills to address specific needs.


Creative Capsule knows that we are only as good as our people. We invest a large amount of time to ensure we acquire the best talent, and place a heavy emphasis on employee satisfaction. We offer clear career progression paths for our staff, and provide an open, dynamic and friendly working environment that makes us a preferred employer. Because of this, we have extraordinarily high retention rates, giving our clients reliable long-term access to motivated, highly-skilled talent.