Strategic AR

Creative Capsule has developed a deep understanding of our business. This has been paramount in architecting solutions that far exceed the quality of what we were able to accomplish previously. Creative Capsule has been able to complement our in house team and provide needed resources that we struggled to find."
- Kevin Winkley, Executive Vice-President

Strategic AR is a leading provider of accounts receivable software and services for the HME/DME healthcare industry. Their solutions focus on home medical equipment, providing online invoicing and payments, as well as payment reminders.

The company’s software portfolio consists of three major components:

  • A patient portal that lets patients receive, review and pay invoices.
  • An AR dashboard that gives HME healthcare providers a consolidated view of patient collections activity.
  • A database ETL system that processes patient AR data for more than 500 HME providers.

The Challenge:

When Strategic AR needed to make major scalability and feature enhancements to their AR dashboard and related database systems, they struggled to find skilled North American development resources. They were also concerned about the existing architecture and development methodology, which had resulted in an unacceptable level of customer issues.

They needed a responsive and reliable development partner who would help them to re-architect their systems to process millions of patient records in a time-sensitive manner, while ensuring that their software and data handling processes complied with HIPAA and PCI-DSS regulations. The development partner would also need to redesign their applications to suit an older patient demographic. Another key goal was to drive efficiencies for their HME healthcare customers by introducing features such as mobile payments, paperless invoices, automatic recurring payments, and customizable smart IVR solutions.

The Solution:

Creative Capsule set up a focused development team for Strategic AR. Our team re-architected and optimized the AR dashboard, moving it from a VB implementation to C# on a .NET framework. At the same time, we helped to improve the ETL processes. We also extended browser compatibility – the original dashboard only supported Internet Explorer – and we significantly enhanced the dashboard’s look and feel.

Creative Capsule also worked with Strategic AR to strengthen their development processes. We introduced SCRUM, along with innovative technologies to reduce development effort, ensure design consistency and enhance testability.

Strategic AR saw immediate improvements in product quality and usability. Customer issues were dramatically reduced, and development processes were streamlined. Based on this success, Strategic AR decided to expand Creative Capsule’s scope.

Creative Capsule has since taken on major new initiatives for Strategic AR, including adding automatic payment capabilities to the patient portal, and developing an entirely new reporting module. We have also assumed responsibility for quality assurance, and are currently working to automate testing using Selenium.

In addition to product development, maintenance and testing, Creative Capsule also provides a number of value-added services to Strategic AR. These include patient-data ETL processes for new HME clients, as well as facilitating integration with 3rd party collection agencies and service vendors via custom database programming.

The Team:

Initially, Creative Capsule put in place a dedicated team of two developers for Strategic AR. Over the five years since that initial engagement, the team has grown to 11, including a team leader, system architect, senior developers, QA engineers, a DBA and a system implementation specialist.

Technologies, Tools and Processes:

Technologies used include .NET, MVC 5, SpecFlow, NHibernate, SQL Server, NUnit and Selenium. SCRUM is used to drive the development process, and Jira is used for project management.